RRA Conformity Rules Changed

South Korea
South Korea
, 2018-08-09

South Korea's National Radio Research Agency RRA has released a new version 2018-13 of the Broadcast and Telecommunication Devices Conformity Assessment Rules with two major changes:

  1. Other applicants can apply for R-certificates of an approved product, if authorized by the original licensee.
  2. The nomenclature of the R-number changes: The new format R-CS-ABC-12345678901234 will replace the old format R-CRM-ABC-12345678901234. The 3rd letter will either show "S" if already approved or stay empty for new applications. The fourth letter will be completely abolished (no more CRM, REM, CMM etc.).

The new regulation came into effect on 2018-07-31. However, previous and pending approvals can still follow the old rule until the end of the transition period, on 2019-06-30. t

Here is a rough translation from the original document, as follows:

R-Number 2018
R - C S - ABC - 1234567891234
1   2 3   4   5
Identification of broadcasting communication equipment Identify basic authentication information Identify applicant information Product identification


  1. "R" means the conformity assessment of broadcasting and communication equipment according to the Radio Law.
  2. In this column, 'authentication field identification code' is described as basic authentication information:
    1. C = Certification
    2. R = Registration
    3. I = Interim
  3. "S" shall be stated only in case of conformity certification or conformity registration for the same equipment as a basic authentification information.
  4. In column 4, the applicant identification code given by the Director in accordance with Article 5 shall be entered.
  5. Column contains the applicant's "Product Identification Code (English, number, hyphen (-), underbar (_). And the applicant may decide within 14 digits.



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