Type Approval Changes

South Korea
South Korea
, 2013-06-12

Recently, the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) had a name change and is now known as the Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning (MSIP). This change occurred as a result of Korea's National Government Organization Act (Law No. 11690, 2013. 3. 23).  Per announcement NRRA Public Notice 2013-5 on Conformity Assessment, product Type Approval labeling identification code has changed from "KCC" to "MSIP"

The Korean Type Approval label is made up of the Conformity Assessment mark (KC mark/logo), which remains unchanged and the Conformity Assessment Number, which is made up of four key parts:

  1. The identification code (now MSIP), followed by
  2. Indication of Basic Certification Information (e.g. CRM or REM etc), followed by
  3. Applicant code (identifying the applicant) and
  4. Product code (14 characters provided by the applicant to identify the product).

Products approved from July 1, 2013 should use the new labeling format. There is a three month grandfathering period whereby newly approved products can use the KCC identification code (to accommodate any manufacturers who have pre-made labels). After September 2, 12013, labels should transition to use the MSIP identification code. There is no requirement for manufacturers to change product labels for those products approved prior to July 1, 2103.

Additionally, NRRA Public Notice 2013-5 allows manufacturers to make small changes to certain components (resistors, capacitors, inductors and diodes (including LEDs) without the need to update their MSIP Type Approval, provided:

  1. Type Approval was obtained based on EMC testing only.
  2. Electrical circuit (schematic and layout) remains identical.
  3. Changes to component does not increase the power capacity (wattage) of the circuit.