SAR Update for Mobile Phones

, 2012-08-24

The Telecommunication Department of the Indian Ministry of Communications released an update regarding SAR (Specific Absorbtion Rate) for cell phones.
This release from 2012-08-17 foresees the following:
From 2012-09-01, new handsets must not exceed a SAR of 1.6 W/kg average on 1 g of tissue. Existing handsets benefit from a one-year grace period; approved mobile handsets with SAR Value of 2.0 W/kg over 10 g tissue are allowed to be sold until September 2013, but then any mobile handset must comply.


  •  SAR value must be shown on the IMEI display;
  • Mobiles must support hands-free operating;
  • Compliance must be declared by the manufacturer, based on test reports (either ILAC or TEC).