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01/2020: IBL-Lab GmbH list electrical safety in DAkkS Accreditation Scope


Scope of Accreditation:

IEC 62368-1 Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment - Part 1: Safety requirements

On December 20, 2020 the seasoned harmonized standards IEC 60950-1 and IEC 60065 will lose their presumption of conformity and will be replaced by IEC 62368-1 und EN 62368-1.

Until then it is advised to reassess all relevant products pursuant to IEC 62368-1 to further be able to confirm compliance with RED (Radio Equipment Directive) or LVD (Low Voltage Directive).

Thanks to these changes in standards philosophy away from technology-focused catalogues to a hazard-based approach, it now is easier to equally assess varying products.

For instance, hazards are categorized by type and „size“ of the according energy source:

  • electrical
  • mechanical
  • power
  • radiation
  • thermal

The core area electrical energy source encompasses high-voltage testing, leakage-current measurements, protective conductor measurements for products connected to the public power grid. Especially the isolation coordination as implemented by the manufacturer is put to the test.

Further, indirectly-involved hazards regarding electrical energy sources find themselves in the converted or available power–read: fire–and contact temperatures at accessible locations. To do this, products are run in their intended and abnormal environments, as products must prove themselves in single-fault conditions. Finally, it may be confirmed whether or not the regulations on reducing a possible ignition are fulfilled or if a fire protection enclosure is required.

Besides that, contact temperatures are monitored to ensure thresholds are kept in all cases, where requiring a warning sign or a corresponding protection is not intended.

Our Services:

  • IEC 62368-1
  • DIN EN 62368-1
  • VDE 0868-1
  • Determination of Inflammability Class within IEC 62368-1 (HB / V-0)


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