Amendment of Appendix 18 of Decree no. 353

, 2023-09-01
Decree No. 1133 updates the existing Appendix 18 of Decree no. 353, extending the deadline for simplified declarations and no label import.

Appendix 18 of Decree 353 was established on 2023-07-10, allowing the substitution of the DoC based on evidence obtained within the approval process of third countries according to a simplified scheme.
Changed details include the extension of the simplified process and abolishing mandatory labelling until September 1, 2024. It is however still required that applicants confirm full conformance of their product before the 6 month validity period of the simplified declaration expires. Additionally, applicants have the choice on wether they would like to register the simplified declaration on the Federal Accreditation Service Website. The sale of goods is however prohibited if applicants should decide against the registration.

Source: Decree No. 1133 (Russian only)