IBL-Lab as Designated Body for ECE-R-10 Type Approval

, 2023-02-23
Since February, IBL-Lab GmbH is designated as technical service for the KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) Type Approval and is therefore authorized to perform EMC tests according to ECE-R-10.
Designated Body KBA

EMC tests according to the ECE directive

Legislation requires compliance with the essential requirements for electromagnetic compatibility according to the 2014/30/EU or ECE-R-10 directives. All electrical products intended for installation on motor vehicles require approval in accordance with the ECE Directive (Economic Commission for Europe) and the associated ECE test mark "E1".

As of 1 February, IBL-Lab GmbH was designated by the KBA as a Classification A Technical Service and offers from now on the automotive EMC Testing Scope according to ECE-R-10.

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Automotive EMC Testing

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