MIC updates 5 GHz and 6 GHz WLAN systems

, 2022-09-20
The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has recently published a partial revision of the regulations for the enforcement of the radio law (Ordinance No. 59). The authority has successfully revised the regulation connected to currently operating WLAN frequency bands. and the 5.2 GHz (5150-5250 MHz) range for WLAN devices in vehicles. The main outcomes of the revision are as follows:

1. The MIC authority opens the 6 GHz (5925-6425 MHz) frequency range for WLAN devices and, consequently, introduces the Wi-Fi 6E technology which is now available in Japan. Equipment can be used only indoors (200mW EIRP) as well as indoors and outdoors with a 25mW EIRP power level.

2. It is permitted to use the 5150-5250 MHz (5GHz) frequency range for WLAN devices installed in vehicles (resp. cars). Output power is limited to 40mW EIRP.