New Regulation Issuance

, 2019-01-15

The SDPPI has recently issued a new regulation (16th Year 2018) which regulates the Operational Provision of Telecommunication Tools and Equipment Certification and replaces the Regulation Number 18 Year or 2014.


The most important changes concern the following points:


1 . Certification of same products that are originated from different countries:


“Telecommunication tools and / or equipment that have same brand, model/type but originating from different countries must meet the technical requirements and proven by different certificates



2. Certification Revision or Change


In regard of certificate revision, article 13 (page 10 of the regulation) states that certificate revision is possible under certain circumstances:


The Certificate Holder must submit Certification revision when occurs:


  • Change of certificate holder name
  • Change Certificate holder address and/or
  • Certificates ownership transfer to other parties


3. New Labeling Requirements


There are 4 important requirements to follow:


  1. Article 15: The obligation of attaching label, QR and Warning Sign


  1. Certificate holder must attach label and QR Code (that’s shown on the certificate) on every certified Telecommunication Tool and/or Equipment before they are traded and/or used.
  2. Certificate holder must attach a warning sign on the Telecommunication tool and/or devices.

Exempted are short range devices


  1. Article 16 (label and QR code)


  • The label must be comply with a predetermined format

(in case that is not possible to attached the label on the product, the label can be attached on the packaging


  • The QR code should be attached on packaging (each packaging) of the certified Telecommunication Toll and/or devices
  • The warning sign is in form of a statement that everyone is prohibited to make changes into the telecommunication tools and/or devices.

It should be fixed on each packaging considering the format.


Link to full regulation PDF file: