Ofcom consults on a new regulation for short range radar devices

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
, 2020-11-12

Today, the UK's communications regulator published proposals to amend the regulations concerning the use of short-range radar equipment for vehicular use. (For example: blind spot radars, collision radars and other driving assistance equipment)

The mentioned amendments refer to the Wireless Telegraphy (Automotive Short-Range radar) Regulations 2013.

These regulations indicate that certain SRRs in vehicles can be used in the 24 GHz band without the necessity of a spectrum license. They are proposing a minor amendment so the license exemptions continue to apply in the UK after the end of the transition period in the Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the European Union on 31th December 2020.

Responses to this consultation are welcome by 14th of December 2020

Link to download the „Notice of proposals “