ENACOM published resolución 854/2020

, 2020-09-22
On August 12th, the Argentinian authority ENACOM published resolución 854/2020 with regard to the new label format RAMATEL. The mentioned label will be in use from August 12th in 2022.

In accordance with this document, it turned out that the RAMATEL label draft is required for the submission of application documents starting 12th August 2022. Previously, either CNC or RAMATEL label draft may be submitted, although the use of the RAMATEL logo is recommended.
With respect to renewals they announced that the devices do not have to be labelled again, the currently implemented CNC label is sufficient.

Please note that the renewal is possible 30 days before expiry at earliest and not later than one day before expiry. Those conditions only apply as long as the certificate holder remains the same.
If this is not applicable, a new approval has to be requested.
If needed, manufacturers may use the new label format of RAMATEL, but then the new label draft has to be submitted to ENACOM.

Link to the official RAMATEL logo
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