ISED RSS-247 Issue 3 Introduction

, 2023-09-18
Canadian ISED has issued RSS-247 Issue 3 for radio & LE-LAN devices in 902-928, 2400-2483.5, 5725-5850, & 5850-5895 MHz bands.

Major changes within RSS-247, Issue 3, include the introduction of requirements for devices that use the 5850-5895 MHz band and channels spanning 5850 MHz.

Also, identifying power limits and unwanted emission limits associated with devices that use the 5850-5895 MHz frequency band.

The regulation has taken effect in August 3, 2023.

A transitional period of 6 months, in which both issues will be accepted has also been introduced. Afterwards, only applications following the new standard will be permitted.

Source: ISED website

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