New policy for SRD devices - No. 52-2019

, 2019-12-12

SRRC published a new policy for short range devices (SRD) or micro power devices No. 52, 2019 on 28.11.2019. Besides are few clarification on use and requirements of micropower devices, most notably, the announcement states that some frequency bands are no longer available from 2020 and from 2022:

VII. From January 1, 2020, stop production or import the special equipment for wireless transmission of electronic scale, wireless data transmission equipment in 230MHz frequency band, crane in 230MHz frequency band or wireless remote control equipment for transmission machinery which does not meet the requirements of this announcement but meets the requirements of the notice on Issuing the technical requirements for micro power (short distance) radio equipment (Ministry of information No. [2005] 423). And the 410mhz band automobile alarm and other micro power equipment specified in the notice on the use frequency of wireless automobile anti-theft alarm equipment ([2006] No. 61).

As of January 1, 2022, the production or import of civil metering instruments, analog cordless telephones and micro power equipment in 698-787mhz frequency band that do not conform to the announcement but meet the requirements of the notice on the issuance of technical requirements for micro power (short distance) radio equipment (Ministry of information No. [2005] 423).

The above micro power equipment that has been legally used in accordance with the original provisions can be used until it is scrapped.

The appended catalogue and technical requirements besides some small changes most notably does not contain the 77 GHz automotive radars anymore. According to our research and checking with the authority, the micro power device regulation 423 from 2005 has not been repealed and the regulation is still in effect. However, it is currently not clear if the new policy with the appended technical requirements replace the previous micro power device regulations and what the status of the not explicitly mentioned categories and frequency bands is.