New Standard for Low Power Devices in force

, 2017-08-18

The Argentinian Authority for Telecommunication ENACOM released the new Q2-60-14v17.1 Standard for Low Power Devices (resolution 6639-E/2017). This current version replaces version 16.1.

The latest resolutions and changes are following:

  • Maximum output power of 401-406 MHz band: 18.260 μV/m @ 3m
  • Maximum output power of 433.075-434.775 MHz band: 366000 μV/m @ 3m
  • Addition of UWB bands 3100-10600 MHz
  • Modification of limits of 22 GHz bands: 22000-26650 MHz

Following devices may possibly be affected: 

  • Alarms and motion detectors
  • Closed-Circuit Televisions
  • Industrial Control Devices
  • Access Controls
  • Wireless Audio Devices
  • RFID
  • Transportation Telematics Equipment
  • Telemetry Systems

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