New standard specifications

, 2019-04-11

The Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) has published new radio standards specification (RSS-130 Issue 2 replacing Issue 1) for equipment operating in the frequency bands 617-652 MHz, 663-698 MHZ, 689-756 MHz and 777-787 MHz.

The main changes are listed below:

• Add the frequency bands 617-652 MHz and 663-698 MHz and the related requirements to the standard.

• Add a provision for a transition period regarding RSS-130 issue 1.

• Change equipment’s equivalent isotopically radiated power (e.i.r.p.) to effective radiated power (e.r.p.).

 • Clarify that the equipment’s unwanted emission limit shall be met at the highest and lowest frequency of the frequency block range that contains the equipment operating frequencies.

• Clarify that equipment’s measurement shall be performed only with the carrier frequency set at the lowest frequency and highest frequency in each frequency bands.

• Add guidance on determining the occupied bandwidth when measuring frequency stability limits for equipment able to transmit numerous channels simultaneously.

• Remove measurement section on multiple antennas since the measurement method is defined in ANSI C63.26, American National Standard for Compliance Testing of Transmitters Used in Licensed Radio Service (referenced in RSS-Gen, General Requirements for Compliance of Radio Apparatus).

Full text in English can be download here:$FILE/RSS-130-i2-2019-02EN.pdf

Full text in French can be download here:$FILE/RSS-130-i2-2019-02FR.pdf