New technical requirements for radars

, 2018-11-26

The Argentine Authority ENACOM has published new technical requirements for the following products:

  • Radar systems that allows to determine the location and / or speed of an object through the use of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems: Systems that use a combination of computers, communication technologies, positioning and automation to improve the safety, management and efficiency of ground transportation.

The technical requirements are:

  1. For 24.04 – 24.25 GHz the maximum output power is 250 μV/m distance 3 meters using average detector, 2500 μV/m, distance 3 m using  peak detector
  2. For 76-77 GHz 36.6 V/m distance 3 meters using  average detector, 65.0 V/m distance 3 meters using peak detector

The new technical requirement is published under the technical rule Q2-64.01V18.1