New Type Approval Requirements for Mobile Devices

, 2012-07-25

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT) has released two draft regulations for public comment:


  1. Amended Measures on the Administration of Internet Information Services (IIS Measures). The draft IIS Measures were issued on 2012-06-07 with the intention to supersede the Measures dated 2000-09-25. The proposed key amendments are:
    • real-name registration for all internet users who publish information on the Internet
    • 6-month record-keeping period for the information published by Internet users
    • 12-month period for Internet content providers and access providers to store user records
    • content and access providers must user personal data confidential and must not alter, sell or else disclose it
  2. Notice to improve the administration of network access for smart mobile Devices. The draft Smart Mobile Notice was issued on 2012-06-01 to protect the user private data. Manufacturers are forbidden to use methods with the intention to make end user install applications with malicious code and thus collect and/or modify the personal information from the end user without consent. Manipulating functions of mobile devices that cause unwarranted traffic or data leak are forbidden, this applies also to enterprises only selling mobile devices, of course.