Public consultancy on the 6GHz license exempt frequency band

, 2020-12-01
ISED consults on 6 GHz license-exempt use, emphasizes WiFi role. Proposal for 5925-7125 MHz spectrum, max. 36 dBm EIRP. Deadline: Jan 19, 2021.

Until January 19th 2021 the ISED opened a consultation on the technical and policy framework for license-exempt use in the 6 GHz frequency band. The opening of the 6 GHz band is considered as priority one and especially the prominent role of WiFi is emphasized. The ISED is proposing the establishment of new spectrum for license-exempt Radio LAN operation in the frequency band 5925 - 7125 MHz with a maximum output power of 36 dBm EIRP.
Further details are included in the consultancy document.