IFT: New Homologation Guideline Effective June 27, 2022

, 2022-06-21
The Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) in Mexico has updated homologation guideline for telecommunication and broadcasting devices which can build connection to telecommunication networks or use the radio-electric spectrum. The updated guideline comes into effect on June 27, 2022.

The main changes are as follows:

  • Advanced electronic signature was successfully implemented

  • Homologation applications can be submitted via the electronic service portal

  • Homologation certificates have become non-transferable and can include affiliates, subsidiaries and importers (relevant for Homologation Types A and C)

  • Data sheets and user manuals must be in Spanish and delivered to the authority IFT

  • Homologation Types B and C require schematics and block diagrams

  • Labelling of products has changed. Labelling will be acceptable on the product, manual or packaging. The only required and acceptable marking will be in the form "IFT: XXXX"

Source: Mexico has updated homologation guideline for telecommunication and broadcasting devices