SRRC new Regulaton MIIT No. 39

, 2019-11-05

On 12th of October 2019 the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has published a new regulation No. 39.

The main contents are:

1. There are 6 situations that can do SRRC update now:

  • The information of license holder has changed.

  • The information of factory has changed.

  • Factory's quality system has changed (e.g. production capacity, technical force, quality assurance system, production line and origin).

  • Changes in components.

  • After obtaining the certificate, the model changes before it is actually put into production and sale.

  • Changes in product-related information due to changes in national laws and regulations or radio management policies.

2. Before, in the regulation No. 1, 2014, it was mentioned the following: the radio transmitter module for non-independent operation can be embedded in information technology equipment and household appliances equipment, while there was no detailed product list. Now, the list has been defined, see attached.

3. The products in attached list can have a family approval, definition principle of "family"; as below:

  • The use and function of the products are identical.

  • The appearance and shape of the product are approximately the same (such as color changes, small changes in product size and other appearance changes do not affect the RF performance of the product).

  • The embedded modules (WLAN, including Bluetooth) and public mobile communication (including NB-IoT, eMTC) have been SRRC certified.

4. The State Radio Administration will intensify its supervision and inspection of relevant radio transmitting equipment.

Link to the official document